Equity release borrowing guide

There are lots of things that can affect how much you may be able to borrow against your home through over 55 equity release schemes, the most important factors being the value of your property and your age. The following table provides a rough indication of how much equity you can expect to release from your home depending upon how old you are from a lifetime mortgage (Home Reversion Plans may offer a higher amount):

Age Percentage of Equity Release
55 29
56 30
57 31
58 32
59 33
60 34
61 35
62 37
63 39
64 40
65 41
66 42
67 43
68 44
69 45
70 47
71 47
72 48
Age Percentage of Equity Release
73 49
74 50
75 51
76 52
77 53
78 54
79 55
80 56
81 58
82 58
83 59
84 59
85 59
86 59
87 59
88 59
90 59

Please call us if you suffer or have or have had, any medical conditions or certain lifestyle factors (such as smoking or being overweight), as you may qualify for a higher release amount.

Why haven’t we got an equity release calculator?

We are aware that most of our over 55 equity release competitors provide an online equity release calculator, but we have chosen not to do this. There are so many individual factors that can affect how much equity you can release from your home, that we feel it’s not helpful to provide a one-size-fits-all calculator.

We also know that these online calculators are sometimes provided as a way to capture your contact details to give you a hard sell. We don’t want to do that.

To understand what over 55 equity release lenders are likely to offer you, we strongly recommend that you talk to an adviser who will take the time to understand your personal circumstances. But we are confident in our expertise and our service standards, so don’t feel the need to capture your contact details to hound you. 

If you feel we are the right fit for you, then please contact us to find out how over 55 equity release schemes could help you realise you dreams. But we are leaving the ball firmly in your court!

‘My mother’s solicitor referred me to 55Plus Equity Release. Our adviser arranged to meet with my mother and me in her home and spent considerable time explaining all of the various options in detail, ensuring that we both fully understood the detail and commitment of each type of mortgage available. She was extremely thorough in checking my mother’s particular circumstances before arriving at a recommendation, which exactly fitted her requirements.

This was a big step for my mother but our adviser was very patient in her approach, and at all times took care to ensure Mum didn’t feel pressurised, but that she felt happy to proceed. She also took time to explain ancillary issues such as the effect on beneficiaries and explored the possible effect on other state benefits which Mum receives.

I would confidently recommend 55Plus Equity Release to others in similar circumstances who would require a clarity of approach with a friendly, pleasant manner.’

D Williams, successful over 55 equity release scheme applicant, Wales

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