The benefits of joining our equity release advice team

17 February 2021

Customer-driven equity release 

As a company, our primary motivation is to put our client first. We’re not in the business of releasing property equity for people for whom it isn’t the best solution or who aren’t in a position make such an important decision, nor do we ever offer standardised equity release advice. Instead, our advisers meet with their potential customers to establish their goals and whether equity release might be of benefit to them and tailor their advice for their individual circumstances. 

Our Northamptonshire-based adviser, Lesley Wright, commented: It really bodes well with me that Jan, the business owner, has the same standards that I like to keep with my clients. I would say that with the bigger companies it’s more about numbers than the outcomes of the clients, but here we care more about clients’ needs and making sure they get the most they can out of their experience.” 

If you’re looking for a company to work with which will never make you sacrifice your ethics for the sake of financial gain, then joining 55Plus Equity Release might be right for you. 

The sky’s the limit

When a new adviser joins us, we provide them with all the tools they need to grow a successful business. This starts with in-depth training and the opportunity to shadow our more experienced advisers, as well as generating leads while they’re building their own contacts and offering collaborative support whenever they encounter something they need guidance on in the future. 

Vicky McDaid, our adviser based in Surrey, commented:

The onboarding process was particularly useful, as Jan has a really educational system, with compliance manuals provided and very clear training. There is a really great training structure of progression, including supervision in client meetings and how to use the systems. During the supervised meetings, I was able to go on visits with other advisers within the company to see how the client process worked. They in turn supervised me and signed me off as a competent adviser. It’s a great process and I was really happy to be a part of it.

I have personally got to a point where I can network and generate my own leads, but in the beginning, Jan was able to provide me with these, making connections with introducer firms. It will be brilliant to see these connections made with even more ease as the company reputation grows.”

If you’re a self-starter but love the idea of ongoing support to help you succeed, 55Plus Equity Release could be the company for you. 

Working as a team

Although all of our advisers work independently and are geographically spread out, we have a strong team spirit at 55Plus Equity Release. We encourage our advisers to discuss any situations they’ve encountered so that the whole group’s knowledge can grow together. As a company, we like to work collaboratively, so it’s not uncommon for us all to be racking our brains to deliver a first-class solution for each other’s clients. 

Given that most of our advisers work in different locations, there’s not any counterproductive rivalry, and advisers often pass on leads to their colleagues if a client isn’t local to them. Whilst we have a positive team spirit, we also give our advisers enough space to work with their clients independently and generate their business the way they want to. Brian Hall, our adviser who is based in Haywards Heath, said: Working with 55Plus gives you the freedom to run your own business, knowing you have the additional support if required”.

If you’re self-motivated but love sharing ideas and expertise within a team, 55Plus Equity Release could be the company for you. 

Come and grow alongside our company 

We’re so proud of how 55Plus has grown, but we’re by no means finished! We’ve got big aspirations for the company and joining our team will give you the opportunity to work with a company whose reputation and size is growing. 

One of our most recent accomplishments was being featured in the Financial Times, after our founder and Managing Director, Jan Johnson, was contacted to offer an expert opinion on the changes taking place in the equity release sector.

And we’re not stopping there! We’re looking for ambitious, self-motivated but collaborative advisers who share our values who will help drive our company forwards to even bigger heights and give even more over 55 homeowners access to the independent, objective, tailored advice they deserve – that is driven by their needs, not targets.

If you’d like to discuss what a career at 55Plus Equity Release could look like for you, then please contact us to arrange a conversation with our founder, Jan Johnson.

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