Equity release being used to pay off mortgages

22 January 2020

Most popular reasons for equity release

The research was carried out by equity release lender, Canada Life. They asked 1,000 people why they had released equity from their home with an over 55 equity release scheme. The top reasons were: 

Pension or property to fund retirement 

The survey also asked respondents about their attitudes to funding their retirement. 

What the survey means

We’ve long talked about equity release being a means of realising your retirement dreams, for example carrying out home improvements or going on a dream holiday, but this new survey from Canada Life shows that people are increasingly thinking of the equity in their home in a broader sense for their retirement planning,” commented Jan Johnson, director of 55+ Equity Release. With nearly half of respondents using at least some of the money to pay off an existing mortgage, equity release is becoming an increasingly important tool for people to ensure they can stay in the home they love when they are too old for a conventional mortgage.” 

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