Equity release sector has recovered from the pandemic

21 September 2021

Consumer confidence in the equity release sector 

The latest report by the Equity Release Council shows that consumers have had their confidence restored in the equity release sector, as industry activity has almost reached pre-pandemic levels. Like many industry sectors, equity release had been greatly impacted by COVID restrictions, the industry had to shift to a new way of interacting and reaching its customers in keeping with social distancing and remote working recommendations. 

Promisingly, the report found that over-55 homeowners unlocked £1.7bn of property wealth in total during Q2 2021, up 2% from Q11.14bn) and up 67% (£698m) from a subdued Q2 last year during the first Covid-19 lockdown. The dramatic rise in equity released in comparison to 2020 at the height of the pandemic demonstrates how well the industry has adapted to new ways of working in light of the continued pressures of the pandemic, and also in showing the faith consumers have in the sector. 

Equity release as a lifeline to many during the pandemic 

One of the reasons for the stark increase in the amount of equity released since the start of the pandemic has been that many homeowners over-55 are turning to equity release to support themselves through the financial uncertainty that the Coronavirus crisis has unleashed. Unfortunately, many households have been working with a reduced budget and figures show that those later in life have been made redundant disproportionately to their younger counterparts.

Another reason for equity release being relied upon frequently during the past year is the government’s stamp duty holiday, which has meant that many people have been looking to unlock money to buy additional properties or to help family get on the property ladder.

Our founder and Managing Director, Jan Johnson, commented: It’s great to see that the equity release market is almost at pre-pandemic levels. The report offered by the Equity Release Council reflects what we’re experiencing as a company, with many new and existing customers approaching us looking to release equity to help them realise their dreams, or better support themselves through these uncertain times.” 

Reasons for the rise in equity release 

As well as the Coronavirus-led reasons for the rise in equity released, we’re also increasingly seeing homeowners over-55 approaching us looking to release equity for: 

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