How coronavirus has changed the equity release landscape

29 July 2020

New reasons for equity release 

Coronavirus has turned the world as we knew it upside down in so many ways. We’re seeing this in the equity release sector as much as anywhere else: there are some new reasons for equity release applications emerging as we adapt to life with coronavirus that we’d never come across before: 

Equity release reasons on the rise 

The ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic have made some of the enduring reasons for equity release more compelling: 

Equity release reasons going down 

Some of the traditionally most-popular reasons for releasing property from equity may slip right down the list of triggers, potentially into next year: 

Coronavirus has impacted the equity release market in some predictable, and some novel, ways. But even if your retirement dreams may have changed – at least for the time being – equity release may still be a potential solution to help you realise them. 

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