How Can You Tell if You’re in Safe Hands When Taking Out Equity Release?

27 December 2018 • Equity release insights

Most people who take out an over 55 equity release scheme haven’t done so before. It’s a big decision, so it’s important to know that you are in safe hands. So how can you spot a trusted adviser who will have your best interests at heart? Follow our tips below to give you peace of mind. Read more

Wow! What a year!

19 December 2018 • 55+ Equity Release news

What an amazing year 2018 has been! 55+ Equity Release has changed significantly as a business – and it’s all thanks to our wonderful supporters and our lovely over 55 equity release clients. Read more

How Property is Helping Ease Retirement for More People

12 December 2018 • Equity release insights

With life expectancy going up all the time, and the end of most final salary pension schemes, funding your retirement comfortably is something that more and more of us are having to think about strategically. It’s probably why more people in the UK now think of investment in property as a suitable way of financing retirement, and why demand for over 55 equity release schemes continues to grow. Read more

An Essential Guide to Equity Release

6 December 2018 • Equity release insights

New to equity release? Confused about the different types of over 55 equity release schemes? Our quick guide will give you the essential information you need to understand the basics and decide whether you should explore it further. Read more

‘It was very easy when our 55+ Equity Release adviser spoke to us – it was like we had known her all our life.’

LS, successful over 55 equity release scheme applicant, Gravesend, Kent

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