Meet our new equity release adviser

25 January 2021

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve got a new addition to our team of expert equity release advisers, Mike Gillis, who can guide homeowners over 55 in Scotland. Although he’s just joining us, Mike brings with him 41 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Read more

We’re celebrating 15 years of dedicated equity release advice!

22 January 2021

This month we’re celebrating 15 years of providing specialist equity release advise as an independent company – and we’ve come a long way! Read more

A third of over-55s have felt vulnerable making a financial decision

13 January 2021

Financial decisions are not to be taken lightly at any stage of life, but unfortunately, research shows that the older we get, the more likely we are to feel vulnerable making monetary choices. How can we address this? Read more

Equity release market expands toward pre-coronavirus levels

16 December 2020

Coronavirus restrictions put an initial brake on equity release, however the latest figures show the sector is bouncing back – which is great news for homeowners aged over 55 who are looking for alternative financial solutions, delivered safely, of course. Read more

A third of over 55s worried about retirement finances

8 December 2020

An increasing number of over 55s are worried they won’t have enough money when they stop working, according to a new report. Equity release could be a solution to help ease money worries. Read more

A fifth of over 65s will still be paying back mortgage

2 December 2020

Many of us will still be repaying our mortgage after we retire, putting additional pressure on our finances once we give up working, according to a recent study. Could releasing equity be a solution to help deliver the dream of living mortgage free in retirement? Read more

What it’s like to work for 55Plus Equity Release

18 November 2020

At 55Plus Equity Release, we’re always looking to grow our team with handpicked advisers who share our values and are committed to the high level of service we strive for. Read more

We’re in the Financial Times!

4 November 2020

We’re passionate about all things equity release, so when the Financial Times asked our founder and Managing Director, Jan Johnson, to provide a comment for an upcoming article, we jumped at the chance. Read more

Equity release to help people falling behind on bills

21 October 2020

Coronavirus has left many families with a reduced income and research is showing that many are now behind on bills. Could releasing property equity be a solution? Read more

Over 50s worry about losing home to rising care costs

7 October 2020

With the cost of care rising each year, new evidence shows that more people are worried about how they will meet future potential care costs. Read more

‘It was very easy when our 55Plus Equity Release adviser spoke to us – it was like we had known her all our life.’

LS, successful over 55 equity release scheme applicant, Gravesend, Kent

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