Homeowners increasingly expect to be paying off their mortgage in retirement

6 November 2019

One in six people think they will still be paying off their mortgage when they are over 65, according to a new study. The report’s authors suggest that equity release could be one way of managing the situation. Read more

Interest-only equity release available without affordability checks

16 October 2019

If you’re thinking of releasing equity from your home to realise your retirement dreams but don’t want the interest to mount up, an interest-only lifetime mortgage could be the solution for you. What’s more, you can now get them without the lender requiring proof of income or affordability checks. Read more

Equity release available on a wider range of properties than ever before

9 October 2019

The equity release market is growing all the time, with more lenders offering more diverse equity release products. If you have previously been told your home may not meet lenders’ criteria, it may pay to look again. Read more

Equity release now available on second homes

2 October 2019

If you’re the lucky owner of a second home, we’ve got good news for you: you could now release equity from your second property to help realise your retirement dreams. Read more

Think you may want to pay off your equity release loan? Some lenders now let you do this

25 September 2019

If you think you may want to downsize in the future and potentially pay off your equity release scheme loan, you’ll be pleased to know that some lenders now offer downsizing protection. A range of equity release products now have features that mean you can repay your loan without facing hefty early repayment charges. Read more

Homeowning equity among over 55s rises

18 September 2019

The value of home equity owned by the over 55s is approaching £400 billion. Rising house prices have contributed, but so too has the growth in second-home ownership. Read more

How equity release can help the growing number of young people still living at home

11 September 2019

New figures show that a growing number of young adults are living with their parents. With industry experts putting this down to the challenges facing first-time buyers, we explore how equity release could help. Read more

Advisers wary of equity release – but our expertise is here to help

4 September 2019

New research has found that many financial advisers are wary about giving advice on equity release – even though it’s becoming more mainstream. Fortunately, we’re equity release experts and can help plug the expertise gap for both customers and other advisers. Read more

Lastest trends in over 55 financial planning – and what they mean for you

28 August 2019

We all know an Englishman’s home is his castle, but a recent report from The Equity Release Council suggests we’re becoming more hard-headed in the way we view property, particularly in relation to our finances. Bricks and Mortar: the changing role of property in later-life financial plans suggests that people are increasingly seeing property as a multipurpose financial asset. This particularly applies to those aged 45 – 64 who, as the report points out, are the retirees of tomorrow. Read more

The proposals that could give over-55 equity release a real boost

21 August 2019

Later life funding is the great challenge of our age’ – that’s according to the Equity Release Council. Its new report on later life financial planning trends is calling for cross-party political co-operation to explore how best we can help people fund their lives in retirement. Read more

‘It was very easy when our 55+ Equity Release adviser spoke to us – it was like we had known her all our life.’

LS, successful over 55 equity release scheme applicant, Gravesend, Kent

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