Why we always tell it straight

3 July 2019

Quite simply, the process behind equity release and what it can mean for your quality of life, your peace of mind and the future – both for you and those you love – is so important we believe we need to be crystal clear. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a transparent process, always communicated honestly and in plain English, to help you make the best decision for your personal circumstances. Read more

How much equity should you release?

26 June 2019

If you’re thinking about releasing equity from your property to realise your dreams, one of the key things you will need to decide is how much to release. There are lots of factors to consider, so follow our checklist below to help you work out your magic number. Read more

Equity release plugs inheritance gap for millennials to get on housing ladder

19 June 2019

Planning your finances in later life means making sure you are going to be able to enjoy your retirement, no matter how long that is. For many of us, it also means thinking about the next generations and what we might be able to leave them. But new research suggests that the expectations of younger generations far outstrip the reality of today’s inheritances. Read more

Equity release: it’s still your home

12 June 2019

One of the myths surrounding equity release is that you no longer own your home. In fact, you will not only still be the legal owner, you will generally enjoy the freedoms – and responsibilities – associated with home ownership. Read more

Equity release used increasingly to help friends and family

5 June 2019

The proportion of people taking out equity release schemes to help friends and family increased during 2018, but home and garden improvements continued to top the list of reasons for people aged 55 and over to release equity form their home. Read more

More people living alone in retirement

29 May 2019

The number of people aged 65 and over living alone has increased by almost 21% over two decades, according to information recently released by the Office for National Statistics. Their research also shows that single people have, on average, less disposable income after paying for essentials than couples, meaning more and more of us are facing financial difficulties in retirement. Read more

Women less prepared for retirement than men

22 May 2019

A new study shows that women are less well prepared for retirement than men, with the workplace pensions of female respondents being, on average, half that of their male colleagues. The study by Close Brothers also found that women were twice as likely as men to worry about every day living costs. Read more

How to find an equity release adviser you can trust

15 May 2019 • Equity release insights

Choosing whether to release equity from your home is a big decision, so it’s important to find an equity release adviser you can trust. Read more

Equity release helps more people finance retirement

8 May 2019

More people than ever before are releasing equity from their homes to help finance their retirement, according to the latest figures from the Equity Release Council. Read more

Why we’re not compare the meerkats!

17 April 2019 • Equity release insights

In today’s world of online search portals, meerkats and stuffed toys have captured the public imagination. But, while our over 55 equity release advisers have access to nearly all the equity release products on the market, we don’t ever intend to be compare the meerkats of the equity release world. Here’s why! Read more

‘It was very easy when our 55+ Equity Release adviser spoke to us – it was like we had known her all our life.’

LS, successful over 55 equity release scheme applicant, Gravesend, Kent

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