Supporting equity release clients through coronavirus uncertainty

19 March 2020

Putting our equity release clients’ health needs first 

At 55Plus Equity Release we have always put our clients at the centre of everything we do. Normally, that means making sure we provide honest, independent advice, explaining both the pros and cons of over 55 equity release schemes and how they relate to their personal circumstances. 

But in the current uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, that also means making sure we are doing everything we can to protect the health of our clients. Our advisers are all following the latest government best-practise health guidelines, which we are reviewing constantly. 

Phone and video call appointments to discuss equity release 

While we need to respect social distancing, we have introduced phone and video call appointments, which we can generally offer by WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype. If you are unfamiliar with these options, we are happy to guide you through how to use them. 

Additional steps to safeguard our equity release clients

We are constantly reviewing our processes, in line with latest advice from the regulatory authorities, to reduce points of direct contact. We are using all legal, alternative steps wherever possible (such as communicating remotely or sending documents electronically where that is allowed) to give the greatest possible peace of mind. 

Expert advice to help you gain clarity 

While no-one is sure how long the coronavirus outbreak will last, or what its impact will be, we do know from our clients that they are still looking for insights into how to live their best retirement possible, and want to understand the options available to them to meet day-to-day bills or to pay for care at home. We will continue to operate our business as usual to provide that clarity and help our clients plan for their futures. 

We understand that in these uncertain times, you may also be seeking the services of other professionals, such as lawyers and financial planners. We have a network of reliable experts whom we are happy to recommend to our clients. 

The situation around COVID-19 is developing rapidly so we are constantly reviewing our practises to make sure we are following recommended guidelines to ensure the health of our clients,” commented Jan Johnson, director of 55Plus Equity Release. 

Book an initial, no-obligation consultation

During the current coronavirus outbreak, we are conducting these over the phone or by video call.

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