What it’s like to work for 55Plus Equity Release

18 November 2020

At 55Plus Equity Release, we’re proud of our fantastic team of advisers who work across the country to help over 55s manage their retirement finances. Think you might be interested in joining our team? We asked our advisers what they like most about working with us, and what the process of joining 55Plus is like.

Our company values

Let’s face it: most of us spend more time working than anything else, so it’s understandable that you want to invest your time with an organisation that’s aligned with your own values. Our advisers are no different – our Northamptonshire based adviser, Lesley Wright, sums up our values perfectly:

Everyone who works for 55 Plus shares the same values to put the client’s best interest first and foremost.”

When transitioning to her first frontline advisory role, our adviser for Surrey, Hampshire, London and more, Vicky McDaid, says that 55Plus reflected what she had in mind: 

What I liked about 55Plus is that it’s small enough to care, and big enough to cope. The onboarding process was particularly useful.” 

Our North Yorkshire and East Riding based adviser, Kevin Gulwell-Fozzard, was looking for a company that matched his level of commitment to clients. He comments:

The company has fantastic ethics, which is a breath of fresh air. It’s almost like working with family, who want the best for customers and are committed to providing a genuine service.”

The support you need to succeed

We pride ourselves on a supportive onboarding process for all of our team members, providing them with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive in client meetings and in handling their individual cases. Our director, Jan Johnson, facilitates this with insightful training and meeting observations. 

Having transitioned from a training role within equity release to a client-facing role, Vicky found this onboarding process and support valuable, commenting, Advisers can flourish in this environment, whether they have lots of experience or are newly qualified, because it’s easy to have some independence while also having excellent support when you need it. “

The support that we receive from Jan Johnson is the same as we receive from each other. We are very collaborative and discuss, as a team, any individual or industry issues to ensure the best outcome for our clients,” says Lesley. 

When asked about 55Plus Equity Release’s support of staff, Kevin says, Jan is great to work with, and I really feel that we are on the same wavelength in terms of our values and commitment to our clients. She’s very positive and will always provide you with extra support should you need it.”

Gordon Cunningham, our adviser operating in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire Suffolk and London, adds, As a leader, Jan is exceptional; she’s very fair and very balanced. She’s good at motivating and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly!” 

Our Haywards Heath based adviser, Brian Hall, says, Working with 55Plus gives you the freedom to run your own business, knowing you have additional support if required.”

Growing positive company reputation

In recent months, 55Plus Equity Release has seen its reputation grow, most notably with last month’s appearance in The Financial Times.

But what does our expanding company reputation means to our advisers?

Lesley comments, I believe that the company has a very good reputation which is borne out from the many client and introducer referrals that we receive.”

Vicky adds, It’s fantastic that the reputation of 55Plus Equity Release is starting to grow. Although I have personally got to a point where I can network and generate my own leads, in the beginning, Jan was able to provide me with these, making connections with introducer firms. It will be brilliant to see these connections made with even more ease as the company reputation grows.”

Speaking of our recent FT appearance, Kevin comments, I’m overjoyed that 55Plus is growing in its reputation and gaining some well-deserved recognition.”

When it comes to equity release advice, it’s important to work with someone you trust. By handpicking our advisers and providing them with high-quality, ongoing support, we can ensure the best possible experience for our clients who are considering equity release. If you’re interested in joining our skilled team, we’d love to hear from you!

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