Why we always tell it straight

3 July 2019

Giving you the information you need to decide about equity release 

Whether you’re looking to finance improvements to your existing home or perhaps to help your children buy the home of their dreams, at 55+ Equity Release we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the decision that feels best for you. Our friendly, award-winning experts will talk you through the equity release scheme options – home reversion or a lifetime mortgage – and the pros and cons of each. 

We’ll also explain precisely and concisely what these involve and demystify the process of securing them, all at a time that works for you. We’ll look across the market, ditch any jargon and explain things clearly to give you the low-down on why we believe a chosen plan is right for you. 

We’ll answer your equity release questions 

Bring on any questions! It’s our job to answer them – and we’re fully aware that it might not just be you who’s asking them, but also those whom your decisions about equity release schemes will affect. That’s why we always suggest that you invite along to our meetings anyone who’s likely to be impacted by the choices you make.

When it comes to presenting our equity release scheme recommendations, we’ll steer you through the equity release maze at a pace that suits you, either in your own home or on the phone. Once we’ve given you all the facts and answered any questions, if you do want to go ahead, we’ll help you fill in the application form.

Championing your equity release application 

We’re here to champion your over 55 equity release application, making sure every step of the process runs as smoothly as possible. This only happens when everyone understands what’s involved from the get-go, so on your behalf we’ll nudge the other parties – from the lender who receives your application to the valuer who assesses your home and the solicitor who processes the paperwork – seeing things through from start to finish. Our aim is to bring clarity and peace of mind to everything we do and everyone we work with, always acting in the best interests of each and every one of our over 55 equity release clients.

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