Why we love helping over 55s to realise their dreams through equity release schemes

9 January 2019 • Equity release insights

Dreams vary from individual to individual – a dream come true for one person might leave another cold. They also vary depending upon circumstances; you may fantasise about a holiday of a lifetime, but if you’re not certain how you’re going to make ends meet in retirement, your dream may be just to know that you can pay the bills without having to worry each month.

The beauty of over 55 equity release schemes is that you can use them for almost anything* – and it’s up to you what that is. Whether you wish you could install a new kitchen or bathroom, help your children buy their first home or pay for a new knee so that you can play football with your grandchildren again, an equity release scheme could be the solution to helping you achieve that.

A warm glow

Helping people realise dreams such as these is what we do at 55+ Equity Release, day in, day out. Writing a mortgage to enable someone to stay in their own home, help someone sleep better at night by giving them peace of mind that they can pay their bills or to add value to their home by carrying out renovations gives us a tremendously warm feeling.

We receive testimonies every day about the difference that an over 55 equity release scheme has made to a client’s life, with comments such as:

‘Equity release [has enabled us] to repay debts to free up disposable income.’

‘Equity release has given me peace of mind about my financial security.’

‘Having the equity release mortgage in place is a tremendous relief.’

Knowing that when we write a mortgage it is because we believe that is genuinely the best option for the client (we won’t write it if we don’t think it is!) – and receiving feedback like this – is what gets our advisers out of bed in the morning.

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