Why we’re not compare the meerkats!

17 April 2019 • Equity release insights

Deciding whether equity release is the right solution for you – and, if so, which equity release option and product is best aligned with your personal circumstances and goals – is a complex equation. It’s not just a matter of putting some sums into a calculator and seeing which figures look best. 

Individual circumstances

You may be in a house that is worth exactly the same as your neighbour, with a similar amount of disposable income, but your personal situations and dreams could be hugely different. You may have debts that you want to clear; your neighbour may be considering paying private medical fees to improve their quality of life. You may want to help your grandchildren onto the property ladder; your neighbour may want to invest in a new kitchen to add value to their home. You may be keen to ensure that your family will still inherit from your estate; your neighbour may not have any heirs or may feel confident that they are well provided for already. You may want the flexibility to repay some of the loan without any penalties; your neighbour may want to have the option to borrow more money in the future…

Bespoke equity release scheme answers

There are so many different variables that need to be considered when thinking about equity release as a possible option within your retirement finances, which simple calculators and price comparisons can never factor. That’s why we don’t provide an equity release calculator on our website. It’s also why we will never be compare the meerkats. Which may be frustrating if you’re looking for a quick answer – but a bespoke, informed answer that is tailored to your needs takes time and expertise.

Informed over 55 equity release decisions

That’s why each of our experienced advisers invests in getting to know their clients and their personal situation and goals. It’s why we invite your friends and/​or family to be present during our consultations, so they can make sure all the relevant facts are on the table and so that they can understand properly the implications for themselves. It’s also why we make sure that you understand the process at each stage – including your responsibilities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the respective options – so you can make a fully informed decision that you feel is best for you.

Acting in our clients’ best interests

Taking out an equity release scheme is an important decision; it’s not one to be rushed – and it’s not one to take without a proper understanding of all the facts, as well as the pros and the cons. Our advisers all have years of experience guiding people through the equity release maze at a pace that is comfortable for them – and we will continue to do it that way, because we always act in our clients’ best interests. 

Price comparison websites can be of help with simple purchases. But deciding whether to release equity from your home is an important decision which needs to be done with informed consideration and expert guidance. 

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