Why we’re proud to be independent

14 August 2019

What our independence means

We have no vested interest in championing any particular lender, deal or product – in fact, the only thing we have a vested interest is you. Our advisers will meet with you to find out exactly what you need from an equity release scheme. We’re fully aware that your financial planning may impact not only on you but on other members of your family, so we’re happy to talk to as many people as you want us to – you make the tea, we’ll bring the cake!

A 360-degree approach

We’ll help you look at all the factors involved in your decision and from every angle – what do you want the equity release to fund? What sort of interest rate and terms are involved? What will happen should you decide to repay the scheme? Then, we’ll find a product from the extensive number on the market that best suits your needs. Most importantly – and it happens regularly – we always keep an open mind regarding the choices you’ll need to make and will tell you frankly if we don’t think equity release is right for you and why. Integrity and honesty in all our dealings with customers is every bit as important to us as it is to you – that why we set up independently in 2012 and have stayed proudly independent ever since. Our independence means that any advice we give you is totally impartial and offered with the best interests of only one party in mind: you.

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