Why your home might not be eligible for equity release – and what you can do about it

7 August 2019

The top turn-offs

Lender More 2 Life recently issued a list of factors that could cause your application to stall or even fail.1 So – just as you might spruce up your property before putting it on the market – it could be a good idea to consider the following and ask whether or not you can do anything about them. 

Possible problem areas

Forewarned is forearmed

As champions for equity release for the over 55s, we’ll ensure you understand everything that’s involved in the equity release process, its implications for you, your family and your home. We’ll also be sure to give you advance notice about anything that might stand in the way of being able to secure a deal for you – and that might include any of the issues mentioned above – and discuss with you ways to mitigate them to give you the best chance of securing the equity release loan, if that is the right financial solution for you. 

You can’t change your property, but our equity release scheme experts can advise you on what you can do to make it as attractive as possible to lenders to help you realise your dreams. 

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