55Plus Equity Release made the process simplicity itself, dealing, on our behalf, with providers and solicitors. Good advice, constant attention to all the details and highly professional throughout. Thanks for the great service!’

C Braithwaite, Lancashire

‘My mother’s solicitor referred me to 55Plus Equity Release. Our adviser arranged to meet with my mother and me in her home and spent considerable time explaining all of the various options in detail, ensuring that we both fully understood the detail and commitment of each type of mortgage available. She was extremely thorough in checking my mother’s particular circumstances before arriving at a recommendation, which exactly fitted her requirements.

This was a big step for my mother, but our adviser was very patient in her approach, and at all times took care to ensure Mum didn’t feel pressurised, but that she felt happy to proceed. She also took time to explain ancillary issues such as the effect on beneficiaries and explored the possible effect on other state benefits which Mum receives.

I would confidently recommend 55Plus Equity Release to others in similar circumstances who would require a clarity of approach with a friendly, pleasant manner.’

D Williams, Wales

‘The application process was quick and easy with the occasional wrinkle’ being ironed-out by the advisor’s hard work and expertise.’

L King, London

‘Great service! We were kept up to date on the whole process, which went through smoothly. I would recommend 55+ Equity Release without a doubt.’

E Walker, Chelmsford, Essex

‘We wanted an equity release mortgage to buy a new car and carry out some home improvements. We had already taken one out years before with 55Plus Equity Release so we had no hesitation in using them a second time. They are good at their job, honest and explain everything – and they got us a good rate! – so we knew we would be in safe hands.

We discussed the equity release mortgage with our children and had their approval. I’m 70 now and you never know what’s around the corner, so our view is that it’s nice to enjoy things while we can, and the equity release mortgage enables us to do that. We’re sitting on £600,000 of property that is all paid for, so it makes sense to release some of that value to make life easier and more enjoyable. 

The whole process was really simple. Our adviser guided us through the process, explained it very well and made it very easy. They kept us updated all the time and kept other people on track to keep the process moving. I would definitely recommend them.’

Brian and Linda Alger, Ightham

‘I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for your professional advice and tenacious approach whilst you dealt with my equity release.’

JH, Oldham, Manchester

‘We are both very happy with the decision to equity release to repay debts to free up disposable income. We got very good advice and help from 55Plus Equity Release, and would recommend them to anyone looking into equity release.’

Gerard & Carol, Enfield, Essex

‘My experience with 55Plus Equity Release was that they were very approachable and knowledgeable. They understood my situation and were clear and articulate in explaining what was involved. My adviser came across as an expert in this field. 

I was considering an equity release mortgage to give me more financial security and freedom and was recommended to 55Plus Equity Release by my cousin. 

My brother was involved in the process throughout as he is my named beneficiary. My adviser explained that it was important for him to understand the process and be jointly involved in the decision; everything was open and he was very supportive of what I was doing. 

My adviser provided all the information that we needed to make an informed decision and she checked at each stage that we understood everything. She kept in touch throughout, so that I knew what was going on at all times; her communication was excellent – always efficient and charming. 

55Plus Equity Release also kept everything on track. They facilitated the process very competently, keeping in touch with other parties to make sure that everything progressed as it should. 

I would recommend 55+ Equity Release to anyone considering an equity release mortgage – it has given me peace of mind about my financial security.’

Corinne Gotch, London

‘I’m not money minded and this was my first mortgage. 55Plus Equity Release made it easy to understand and helped me through the process from start to finish. I’m now telling other people about their wonderful service.’

Rosemary, West Malling, Kent

‘We wanted to release equity to subsidise my savings. I’m running on a state pension and I have a small annuity from another pension, so we wanted the money to be put aside for future holidays and living well in my retirement. 55Plus Equity Release explained everything in great detail, which was good because we’d never released equity before; our adviser didn’t hold anything back and explained it all really simply. She encouraged us to go through the process with our family members and we went through it with our sons so that they would understand what it meant for them. They were happy for us to do it because they wanted us to enjoy our retirement. 

Our adviser was absolutely 100% excellent and I was really pleased with how it all went. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else. 55Plus Equity Release are great at putting information across to us, they weren’t pushy and explained everything in layman’s terms. 

As we didn’t have a particular project to spend the money on, we were able to take out money in chunks instead of taking out a whole lump sum, which made the interest amounts more manageable. That was one the great things our adviser explained and has given us peace of mind for our finances.’

Don and Julia Coulthart, Chatham, Medway, Kent

‘We recently took advantage of equity release and were concerned about the procedures. Having chosen 55Plus Equity Release via the Equity Release Council after much online research, we met our adviser, who could not have made the entire procedure more stress free. They explained everything very thoroughly in an easy-to-understand manner and guided us through the whole procedure, which was quite painless and took less than a month. Great efficiency and great customer relations at all times. It was a pleasure dealing with this firm. We strongly recommend them.’

Alison and David, Kent

‘We consulted 55Plus Equity Release when we were thinking of taking out an equity release mortgage to ease our finances in retirement. We were so impressed by how they looked after us, that I have recommended them to loads of people! 

My husband and I are both of retiring age, and we wanted to have a little bit of money in store to make our retirement a bit easier, and – after reading a lot about it – we thought that an equity release mortgage would be the best way of doing it. We were recommended to 55Plus Equity Release, and we’re so glad we used them! 

Our advisor came round to our house at a time to suit us. It was very easy when she spoke to us – it was like we had known her all our life. She went into it all really well; she explained everything to us really clearly in English, in layman’s terms, so we could understand. She wasn’t at all pushy; she told us the ins and the outs and left us to decide. We did decide to go for it, but I know that if we had said It’s not right for us’, she would have left it at that. 

The paperwork was easy. 55Plus Equity Release sent us a lot of paper work which I had to read through thoroughly. I made lots of notes and then our adviser came back again and went through every page with us – paragraph by paragraph, line by line – explaining what it all meant, and answered all my questions that I had written down. 

We had to get a solicitor and a surveyor, and 55Plus Equity Release were able to recommend people; they were also lovely. The solicitor again came to visit us and went through it all again, explaining everything our adviser had already been through to make sure we knew exactly what we were doing. And our adviser stayed in touch throughout the process to make sure everything was on track and that we knew what was happening at all times. 

When we made the decision to go ahead, we signed and it all went straight through. We got a lovely card from our adviser afterwards, which we really appreciated, and she has been on the phone again since then just to make sure we’re happy and that everything is in order. 

Having the equity relief mortgage in place is a tremendous relief. We’ve had quite a good life and have spent our money as we went along. By the time we got to this stage, I don’t want to sit around not putting on the lights because we can’t afford it. 

We’ve had a new shower fitted downstairs and a few other alterations to the house, we’ve upgraded our car and we’re going on holiday. But we’ve only drawn down a minimum amount to begin with; the rest is put aside for us to use as we go along. It eases your mind; I don’t want to move or downsize. We asked ourselves: what’s the best way to do this and make our retirement easier? Our equity relief mortgage means we don’t have to worry about whether we can afford to do things, and we understand that we can pay the interest if we want to keep as much value as possible in the house for our children. 

I can’t praise 55Plus Equity Release highly enough and am happy to recommend them to anyone thinking about their finances at this stage of life.’

Linda Skipsey, Gravesend, Kent

‘I was recommended by a family member to contact 55Plus Equity Release for advice and help on how to obtain Equity Release on my property. My adviser explained the procedures thoroughly and my application was successful. The money has given me the opportunity to renovate my home. I highly recommend 55Plus Equity Release for their expertise and professionalism.’

Margaret, Worthing, West Sussex

‘Unable to fault the service provided by 55Plus Equity Release. Everything was explained in detail, with no pressure to take out a policy at any point. Very professional service, which I would recommend to anyone considering equity release.’

K Briggs, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

55Plus Equity Release were excellent at explaining the equity release. Our adviser is a pleasant man, very easy to talk to – he made me feel at ease. Thank you.’

G Castle, Hornchurch, Essex

55Plus Equity Release were referred to me by a financial planner when I was looking to move to Scotland and wanted an equity release mortgage to buy a new property. I tend to do quite a lot of research into things and check different resources before settling on any one person; I opted to go with 55Plus Equity Release as I felt they were honest, up front and explained things quite clearly. 

We met several times during the process. Our adviser came across very well; she’s very pleasant and she listened properly to what I was saying and came back to me with answers. I felt that she was giving me honest advice and always acting in my best interests. She went through everything very thoroughly and made sure I understood at all stages of the process.

Importantly, she was also quite tenacious. Some of the financial services people needed prodding to keep things moving; our adviser kept up the pressure on them on my behalf to get it all through as quickly as possible and kept me in the loop about what was happening at all stages.’

Nigel Edwards, St Andrews

‘We have used 55Plus Equity Release on two properties. We have always received immaculate service and good, competitive charges – completely satisfied! Thank you for all your help.’

B Blanchard, London

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