Over 55 equity release to pay for medical expenses

Over 55 equity release can help you enjoy the best possible quality of life by helping you to pay for necessary medical treatment – so you can live life to the full. 

Unfortunately, NHS waiting lists have been going up consistently, with the service failing to hit its waiting time targets since February 2016*. In July 2018, more than 4.3 million people were waiting for operations, a 10-year high. By August 2018, the proportion of people on the referral to treatment list being seen within the maximum 18-week period had fallen to 87.2%.

Over 55 equity release through home reversion or a lifetime mortgage can finance self-funded treatment – so you can get on with your life. 

*SOURCE: NHS, November 2018 https://​www​.eng​land​.nhs​.uk/sta…

Case study: self-funding medical fees

Our client in her 80s required an urgent knee replacement. She preferred to pay for her treatment privately and required £20,000 to undergo the procedure and pay for care whilst recuperating. She didn’t have any savings, but was able to finance the operation through an over 55 equity release scheme. She had a good pension, so decided to service the interest payments on the lifetime mortgage we wrote for her to keep the debt she owed at £20,000.

How much could you borrow?

Our guide will help you work out how your home could help you realise your dreams.

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