Can I move home if I have equity release?

If you have already released equity on your home, it is still possible to move home. All Equity Release Council members will allow you to move home whenever you wish as long as the property you are moving to meets lending criteria. You must inform your lender before you do so. When you move, you may either repay the loan and interest in full, or alternatively you may be eligible to transfer the plan to your new property if it meets your provider’s criteria at the time.

Moving to a home of lower value 

If you move to a home of lower value that the property on which the plan was taken, you may have to repay a proportion of the loan and any interest. If your new home is of substantially lower value, you may be required to end the plan and repay the loan and any interest in full. 

Moving to a home of higher value 

If you move to a house of greater value than the property on which the plan was taken, you may have the option of releasing a further capital sum.

‘My equity release mortgage has given me peace of mind.’

Successful over 55 equity release scheme applicant, London

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